Yoga Mat + Body Mist: Clear Energy

Clear Energy + Black Tourmaline

Clear energy yoga mat + body mist is made using a blend of eucalyptus, white fir, lavender, sweet orange, cedarwood, bergamot, and lemon essential oils. Combined with Himalayan sea salt, a black tourmaline crystal, distilled water, and witch hazel, this blend helps to clear negativity and stagnancy. Perfect for facilitating a change in perspective on and off your yoga mat.

This blend is all-natural and safe to use on your yoga mat, face, and body to naturally refresh post-yoga and throughout your day.

Once your yoga mat + body mist is gone, save the essential oil-infused crystal! Place it near you or carry it on you to channel its energy.

Buy yours now in the studio or online!

Tips for use:

Gently shake the bottle before use to get the perfect spray. Wipe down your yoga mat with a soft cloth to clean. If using on face or body, hold 6-8 inches away from the body and spritz a few times. Do not get in eyes.

Essential Oils:

Eucalyptus – Promotes wellness of the physical and emotional bodies. Antibacterial. Anti-infectious. Anti-inflammatory. Antiviral.

White Fir – Promotes generational healing. Assists in unearthing negative patterns. Antiarthritic. Antiseptic (pulmonary). Stimulant.

Lavender – Promotes communication and emotional honesty. Antidepressant. Antifungal. Anti-infectious. Anti-inflammatory. Antiseptic. Regenerative. Sedative.

Wild Orange – Promotes abundance. Fosters creativity. Supports a positive mood. Restores physical energy. Aids in transitions. Antidepressant. Sedative.

Cedarwood – Essential support for yoga. Promotes community. Antifungal. Astringent. Calming. Insect repellent. Sedative.

Bergamot – Uplifting and refreshing. Promotes self-acceptance. Cleansing effect on stagnant feelings and limiting belief systems. Antifungal. Antibacterial. Anti-inflammatory.

Lemon – Promotes focus. Antidepressant. Antifungal. Antioxidant. Antiviral. Astringent. Invigorating. Refreshing.


Black Tourmaline – Cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. Encourages a positive attitude. Stimulates creativity.

Himalayan Salt – Relaxes body and mind. Draws out negative energies. Emits uplifting, positive charge of energy.