Yoga classes are offered in a variety of settings and a few styles. Group yoga classes are offered several times throughout the week as restorative yoga, yin yoga, prenatal restorative yoga, and meditation. Private yoga classes can also be scheduled online.

It is recommended that you arrive 5-10 minutes before the class start time to check-in and set up your space. The doors will be locked once the class has started. Don’t be late!

Restorative yoga, often referred to as ‘nap yoga,’ is a very gentle yoga class that is great for beginners to advanced yogis. In restorative, we will move through a series of 5-6 yoga poses that we will hold for 7-15 minutes. This provides the body with the time it takes to stretch our deep, underlying tissues (fascia), ligaments and bones. Restorative yoga is great for individuals looking to relieve stress and tension, increase mobility and clear the mind.

Yin yoga is a deep stretching class that is often focused on the hips. In yin, poses will be held for 2-5 minutes each and the sensations you feel will be the guide to your practice. You will start at a low sensation and build to an appropriate, higher sensation to safely stretch the fascia, ligaments, and bones. This class is a great compliment to individuals that live an active lifestyle and to all yogis by creating balance in the body and mind.

Prenatal restorative yoga is just like restorative yoga but with appropriate poses designed for those expecting. In this class, we will hold the poses for 10-15 minutes without the added stress of questioning if the pose is safe for your baby. You do not need to be expecting to join this class! It is welcome to all individuals that are looking for deep relaxation in extremely comfortable poses.

Meditation Each week we will explore a different meditation technique to provide you with the opportunity to find the best technique for your meditation practice.

Private yoga is scheduled online, around your busy schedule. Each private yoga class is based on your individual wants and needs. Whether you are looking to increase the mobility of your back through a restorative class, work toward a specific pose in a yin class or any other style of yoga, this class is custom built around you.

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